Welcome. This website is operated by Timothy Brennan and Robert Ladd. We were peace officers for 32 years recently retired. Bob and Tim worked for Compton P.D from 1982 to 2000, and Los Angeles County Sheriffs, and Garden Grove Police Department respectively until retiring in 2014. most of our careers we were gang detectives. Prior to working the above current assignments, we were both employed as Peace Officers for the Compton Police Department. From 1989 to 2000 we were partners assigned to the Compton Police Department’s Gang Intelligence/Investigations/Homicide Unit. This specialized unit was tasked with investigating gang violence, gang related crimes and homicides. We both have expertise in the field of gang violence and gang related crimes. We've investigated thousands of gang related cases and made hundreds of gang related arrests for gang offenses. These cases range from minor assaults, vandalism, theft of property, possession/sales of narcotics, weapons possession, felony assaults, conspiracies and murder. We have been trained in the identification, method of operation of street gangs, turf warfare and its effect on the community and structures both in and out of the prison system. We have interviewed hundreds of suspects and have questioned them in the manner in which they commit their crimes, including how they hide their weapons, dispose of stolen property, traffic in narcotics and commit gang related assaults. We have attended many seminars and in service training concerning gang related problems and crimes. The formal gang training includes: search warrants; criminal investigations; and interviewing and interrogation. We are both members of the “California Gang Investigators Association” and attend monthly meetings with gang investigators from around Southern California, where current trends, rivalries, gang related investigations and gang enforcement strategies are discussed. We were assigned as the gang liaison officers to assist outside agencies. This included tracking gang involvement in narcotic trafficking across the country, gang involvement in “Gangster Rap” related crimes, disseminating this information to the appropriate jurisdiction, and coordinating joint enforcement efforts. We have been assigned as the lead investigator/assisting investigator on over 100 gang related murders. As an “in the street” gang investigator, we have personally responded to over 1000 gang related shooting scenes and conducted follow up investigations. We have personally observed several drive-by shootings happen right in front of us, and have been the target of Gang Initiation ambushes. Working for the city of Compton from 1982 to 2000, we were first-hand witnesses to the early days of the “Crips” and “Bloods”. The first Blood gang was formed on Piru Street in the city of Compton. We personally knew many of the original founding members of these gangs, as well as the Hispanic gangs located in Compton. We witnessed the introduction of rock cocaine in Compton and Los Angeles in 1983, and knew many of the gang leaders who became “High Rollers” in the drug trade. We observed the alliances between high-ranking Crips and Bloods involved in narcotics trafficking and the related violence. We documented the cross-country narcotics trade, initiated by several of the Compton gangs, which spread gang violence across America. We witnessed the “Gangster Rap” industry that began in Compton in the 1980’s and knew the involved Compton artists: “NWA”; “DJ QUICK”; “DR DRE”; “EASY E”; and many others. We observed the rise and fall of “Death Row Records” and it’s Compton founder Suge Knight. We assisted in the investigations of the 1994 El Rey Theater “Soul Train Awards” murder involving members of Death Row Records, and Rapper DJ Quick. We also assisted in the investigation of the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. We were involved in the prosecution of Suge Knight on his 1987 parole revocation. This was based on evidence obtained from Brennan’s search warrant after the murder of Tupac Shakur and interview of murder suspect Orlando Anderson. Over the years in Compton we were witnesses to and investigated; The 1992 Los Angeles/Compton Riot, the gang truce rallies, the 1993 “Mexican Mafia” Edict (regarding Mexican gangs joining together to take over neighborhoods from black gangs, and control the drug trade), the 1993 murder of two Compton Police Officers, committed by a gang member, as well as many “Gangster Rap” murders. Over the many years working in Compton, we have worked extensively with the District Attorney’s office in producing reluctant witnesses for court, doing witness relocations, homicide extraditions, and traveling extensively both in and out of state for gang related investigations. We have assisted in serving over 500 search warrants for gang related offenses and have personally authored gang association warrants covering in excess of 200 locations. We have provided gang training to schools, businesses, community organizations, federal and local police, prosecutors from across the country, U.S. military personnel and police from several European countries. We've provided gang related intelligence and evidence for prosecution to law enforcement and prosecuting agencies across the country. We've traveled throughout California, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Washington on gang related investigations. We have attended world heavyweight boxing title fights in Las Vegas as gang expert consultants to the local police. We have had portions of gang affidavits and gang investigations published in national newspapers, magazines, books and featured on several television programs. We have also testified as gang experts in Municipal, Civil, Superior and Federal courts in and out of the State of California in excess of 200 occasions.
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